Who is Hobert Glasse?

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Hobert was born in New York City to a German immigrant father and a part-time Spanish prostitute who sold jewelry when her back was tired. His parents tried to work it out, but Glasse the elder chose the drink, and mother returned to Spain and married a painter who would secret her away to a small village in Basque country where it is believed she raised a large family.

Hobert quit school at sixteen to work in a clothing factory. There, he would write letters to his mother on scraps of fabric until she ceased to exist for him. It was at this point he began to write stories about traveling the world and seducing as many beautiful women as he could. But with barely enough money to eat, his dreams would remain those of his characters. That is, until he met a man by the name of Liam O’Leary.

Liam O’Leary was a bookie who took notice of Hobert’s desperation and strong physique, and hired him to collect outstanding accounts. At first, Hobert simply asked for the money, using his charm to wrest most of what was owed to his mentor. But after a gang beating left him slightly paralyzed in one leg, Hobert stopped asking and started taking. It was also around this time that he recognized an inheritance for the love for whiskey, and consequently, much of this period of his life will never be known. What is known is this: Hobert began reading and writing in earnest; Hobert became one of the wealthiest and respected men in his neighborhood at the age of 29; O’Leary was found dead in a burned-out tenement of apparent smoke asphyxiation.

Hobert’s sexual upbringing took place on the streets of New York City, mostly with prostitutes, until he met a beautiful, young, coat-check girl by the name of Olimpia Rodriquez. She studied ballet and dreamed of dancing professionally. The two fell in love and planned to move to Spain where Hobert hoped to reunite with his mother. Sadly, Olimpia was murdered senselessly during a botched ATM robbery while Hobert was celebrating the sale of his first short story at a nearby bar. She’d insisted on going so that he could continue enjoying himself. He agreed. It’s believed he never forgave himself.

After selling everything he owned and emptying his back account, Hobert boarded a plane for London where he obtained a work permit by landing a job as an international crime investigator after apprehending an acquaintance for passport fraud whilst the two were on a week-long bender. He soon fell into a relationship with a Saudi Prince’s mistress after becoming addicted to the horses, and was given permission to seek work outside the Isles. At this, his first opportunity since the death of his beloved Olimpia, he boarded a train that would eventually lead him to Bilbao.

It only took Hobert three days to locate his mother, who welcomed him with open arms and invited him to stay. He did for a year or two, until moving and working in such exotic locales as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Morocco, Rome and eventually back to the States where he now shares his time on both coasts, supplementing his still rather large stores of gold by accepting the odd writing job––punching up Hollywood scripts, ghost-writing memoirs, and the like. It’s been only recently that Hobert has chosen to pursue an interest in erotic fiction, and he draws from his life experiences and his love of animals to conjure the tales that carry his name.

Hobert Glasse sends fifty-percent of everything he makes to his mother, and forever vows to avenge the death of the love of his life. It’s understood that two men have been identified as knowing something about the murder, but legal channels of law enforcement are not an option.

Hobert Glasse is a writer, he loves his mother and his heart will forever belong to Olimpia.

And that’s all you really need to know.