New Flash Episode of Avenging Olimpia

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Hobert finds himself chatting with a sexy set designer on an empty set. No cameras, but will there be action? Check it out here, or if you’re new to the story, start from the top by clicking “Avenging Olimpia” above or here.

New Flash Episode of Avenging Olimpia

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I’m trying to keep these going, and hope somebody out there is enjoying them. The plan is to post here and there as I’m able to put my thoughts down, which means not on a regular schedule––sort of like the way Danger Island used to show up on Channel 48. If you don’t know what that means, suffice it to say it was always a treat when it was on. Here’s hoping I survive long enough to measure up.

This episode, I make my way to Kaufman Astoria Studios and have a run in with a large (and dumb) member of a film crew. Check it out here (slide down to 4-23-09 5:51), or start from the top by clicking “Avenging Olimpia” above or here.

In Threes

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So we’ve had a chunk of fame scooped from our respective existences in the last few months. Death has moved to LA, kids. Beware, Paris, Lindsey and Pauly Shore.

I’ve submitted three new stories to three separate Ravenous Romance anthologies. So far I’ve not heard a peep. Here’s hoping that I’ll get a callback. If not, here’s hoping those who do, do well.

Now back to Queens. Maybe a drink first.

New Flash Episode of Avenging Olimpia

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Hobert recalls his night and is given something new to chew on. Check it out here, or start from the top by clicking “Avenging Olimpia” above or here.

Lasting Lust on All Romance eBooks

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The tagline says it all: “All the romance you need from the publishers you love…”. You can now get Ryan Field’s Lasting Lust: Kinky Couples in Love for $6.99 here.


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Hobert’s story “Hush” has been published in today’s release of Ryan Field’s Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky Couples in Love available at the home of sensual erotic love, Ravenous Romance. A synopsis below:

In this empowering, romantic anthology of Lasting Love, there are carefully crafted stories by seasoned writers that offer an unforgettable experience. From the tale about a sexy young wife who conceives a lustful feast on Super Bowl Sunday for her handsome husband and his hunky, horny buddies, to the story of a tenth anniversary celebration that is as sexy as it is tender.

But more than that, there are a few surprises, too. A sexually charged, thirty-three year old woman finally decides to act upon the silent love she’s been harbouring for many years for a hot young stud, a soap opera star finds lasting love in the most unconventional, unexpected way imaginable in a Brooklyn Brownstone, and a hot looking gay couple celebrate their twenty year anniversary by traveling back to the sex club where they first met twenty years earlier.

This is an anthology of traditional romantic tales, separated by quirky, often outrageous stories of lovers that have lasted and endured the test of time. The women are strong and courageous and the men are hot and willing to please. It’s the perfect balance of escapism and reality, and there’s something to be learned from each character, especially in the last story titled, La petite mort.

Authors: Tony Wards, R. Wilde, Randy Buck, Jenyphr Rashad, N. Vasco, Roxanne Rhoads, Hobert Glasse, Shanna Gardener, S.R. North, Christian Graziedella